Mozilla Thunderbird 2023

Mozilla Thunderbird

This story shows you how to download and install the maximum release of Mozilla Thunderbird for independent on Pc. Consider the direct access link and orders beneath for information on installing Mozilla Thunderbird on your computer.

Table of contents

  • concerning the tool
  • System Requirements for Mozilla Thunderbird( v91.6.1 )
  • How to get Mozilla Thunderbird( v91.6.1 ) to Download and install
  • Required docs

Regarding the application

Thunderbird is a completely sms application that’s easy to set up and customize – and it’s loaded with superb options!

  • Mail Account Setup Wizard

    You needed to be aware of your Imap, Smtp, and Ssl / Tls settings before using this feature. Today all you need to offer is your name, email address, and passcode and the email account set up wizardry will investigate our database and find the email settings for you.

  • One – click Correct Booklet

    One – press Tackle Book is a quick and easy way to add people to your address book. Add people by simply clicking on the star icon in the message you receive. Two clicks and you can add more details like a photo, birthday, and other contact information.

  • Connection Admonisher

    The bond admonisher looks for the term attachment( and many words like file types) in the body of your message and reminds you to add an attachment before hitting send.

System requirements for Mozilla Thunderbird( v91.6.1 )

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Pentium 4 or newer mainframe that supports Sse2
  • 1 Gb Memory / 2 Gb of ram for the 64 – little remake
  • yard on a 200 Gb challenging get

How to get Mozilla Thunderbird( v91.6.1 ) and Install It

  1. Click on the download box( south ) below and finish downloading the required documents. Depending on your access acceleration, this process could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.
  2. Remove the docs that were downloaded. If you don’t know how to educe, hear this article. Qwerty will always be the password to feel extracted.
  3. Pass Setup. files and install the software}